HSEB electric buses are designed for safety, efficiency and reliability.

Our Approach

Forging a new paradigm in public transport and private bus charter with e-mobility solutions for mass transit, HS Electric Bus Pte Ltd (HSEB) is a forerunner in the electric vehicle segment of the land transport industry. HSEB electric buses are designed for safety, efficiency and reliability.

With customisable vehicle feature capability as a core service, HSEB provides transportation operators with the flexibility to customise and test the suitability of each custom bus model using simulation design functions. HSEB electric buses undergo stringent tests for energy efficiency, body structure, range, lightweight, and vehicle cost to be best in its class for optimal lifecycle cost-performance in the industry.

In the segment of e-mobility solutions providers encompassing turnkey services from hardware manufacture to software, HSEB’s role surpasses that of an authorised distributor for Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd, a world-class leading manufacturer of electric buses.

Our Values

Positive Impact To The Environment

HSEB is invested in the environmental, economic and social dimensions of the community that we serve. Through the adoption of clean energy, the decarbonisation efforts of our partners and clients are making an immeasurable positive impact to the environment.

"Electrify" The Future

Electrifying the future with energy-efficient, safe and leading edge technology with HSEB buses in the mass transportation sector by providing an enjoyable ride to passengers aboard is our purpose. HSEB brings greater benefits to our clients through high reliability, low maintenance and cost-savings while giving customisable options to meet each requirement.

Our Partner

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Anhui Ankai Automobile Co. Ltd. specializes in the production of various high-end, large and medium-sized light buses and auto parts, with more than 3,000 employees and an annual output of 15,000 buses. The company was established in 1966 and was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in July 1997.

As a National High-Tech Enterprise recognised by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology – one of the highest awards for Chinese technology companies, Ankai is not only a pioneer in its domestic market, but it had also exported more than 15,000 buses to over 80 countries.

Ankai production facilities include 2 bus production plants, 1 auto parts production plant, totaling a land size of 1,300,000 m². A testament to the high quality standards of Ankai buses exported to over 80 countries worldwide such as United Kingdom, France, Italy, Australia, Japan, Dubai & Hong Kong, these accreditation have been awarded:

1302 Authorised Patents (200 invention patents)

37 Scientific & Technological Advancement Awards